We are a group of friends (all queer womxn, some POC) in Seattle, WA who want to take action to make the world more equitable and inclusive. 

Wristbands seemed like an effective way to fundraise for causes while keeping the messages of the movements (literally) visible. And so Equity Bands was born. 

We take zero profits and are committed to full transparency about the funds we raise and where they go. 

Our mission:

  • Invest our time and money to support efforts toward social justice and change on systemic, institutional, and interpersonal levels.        
  • Amplify the work of BIPOC-led organizations.
  • Center the voices and needs of traditionally marginalized and underserved populations, especially those at the intersection of multiple marginalized identities.

If you have any feedback/suggestions or are interested in partnering with us, please email info@equitybands.org.

In solidarity,
The EB Team